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    Ok hello, im very new to the Total War series. This will be my first TW game but not my first RTS. I will most likly be getting M2TW for christmas and have been looking up factions i can play as. Im going to start playing as england(Seem the most noob friendly). Ok so ive got a cupple questions as to what would be a good way to play.

    1. Castles or Cities?
    Ive been wondering about this alot weather i should make my starting areas castles or cities. Also if im making castles should i spent money on making alot of defenses so i can more easly hold off enemy attack?

    2. My army
    Ok i would like to know whats a good set up for my army? Infantry and longbowman? Lots of Calvry? or a mix of troops.

    I dont really have many more questions but if you have any tips about playing england it would be appreciated.

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    Two things:

    Welcome to the org!

    and second:

    Be Carefull with the languaje

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    You might want to check out the England thread in the guides section (linky below).

    Oh yeah, and welcome to the forums.
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    Useful MTW2 Threads

    How To Create The Perfect Statesman By Kobald
    A Guide To Guilds By Davybaby
    Useful Strategy Tips Forum Sticky

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    Theking, welcome to the Org!

    If you have questions about Medieval 2, feel free to put them up in the Citadel--junior members are no longer restricted to posting just the Entrance Hall. If you're looking for specific advice in regards to the English, you'll find a guide for them here. Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caius Flaminius
    Be Carefull with the languaje
    You too sir.


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    for a good army i think you should mix troops. A main line of though and reliable infantry, cavalry on the wings and archers behind them. But that depends on how you play and on how the enemies play. For tips about RTW check the link in my sig to the tactics guide.

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