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Thread: Osprey Publishing - History Books

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    Default Osprey Publishing - History Books

    DOn't know where to post this but since it has to do with history books, I'll post it here.

    What are the strengths of Osprey's Books?

    And, what are its weaknesses?

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    Default Re: Osprey Publishing - History Books

    Hey kataphraktoi, the place to start getting some answers might be in the Official Osprey Thread that is pinned at the top of the Monastery. Some of your questions may be answered there, but also restating your questions there might attract more of the Osprey-ites.
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    Default Re: Osprey Publishing - History Books

    Their strength is that they offer the reader 'enough' information without going into page upon page of 'hard' reading. In other words, a sound basic knowledge. However, they have the same weakness as other history books as in some content may not be accurate and/or is more of an opinion than fact.
    The illustrations are nice and give an idea of the subject but I would argue not all should not be looked upon as truly accurate. It would be quite wrong IMO to assume each individual possessed all the equipment especially when some illustrations show a weird mix of very poor actual clothing (bare feet in some cases) yet top of the range weaponry and armour


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    Default Re: Osprey Publishing - History Books

    They offer basic historical information about specialised subjects, just enough to not get you in the hard part of the subject.

    Although they are good, they aren't 100% truly historical unfortunately.
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