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Thread: Darioritum CTD

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    Default Darioritum CTD

    Playing as Casse with BI.exe.
    Sieging Darioritum. When the garrison sallies there is an immediate CTD with no message.

    Fortunately I won the autoresolve I had to use instead.

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    Default Re: Darioritum CTD

    This is a well know and much reported bug. There is a wonder visible on the battlemap place in the same place where the city is. The game doesn't know what map to load for the battle. Just autoresolve as you have done. The team said this will be fix with the coming 0.8.1 patch.

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    Default Re: Darioritum CTD

    Thanks for hosting and moderating these forums. I just had the same problem 20 minutes ago, also as Casse attacking Daritorium and thankfully the answer was right here. Reloading the game with the regular TW exe does not solve the problem either. I'm sure the modding team already knows that but I wanted to make sure others don't go through that extra fruitless step trying to experience a battle.

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    Default Re: Darioritum CTD

    New EB member Anallein posted this quick fix:

    For a quick fix:
    In the custom_tiles_db.txt file in the imperial campaign folder change the coordinates of the field stones to this:

    Field_Stones 37 167 stones2.wfc

    and in the descr_strat.txt file the resource silk from the postion 38, 167 to 37, 167.

    This fixes the ctd in the campaign, however in the custom battle the stones are not correctly placed (only one in the corner). Someone else needs to have a look at that.
    I hope this helps for the time being.
    Edit by Kull: Altered the "as-is" position of the silk resource to reflect the real number in the file (i.e. 38, not 36)
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