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Thread: Play EB with BI CD

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    I'm playing EB at my place using the RTW CD (the *.exe file), but I also want to install EB at my fiancee's place (imagine the "excuses" I have to come up with for "working" late in the night at the PC :)))), no wonder EB is a "social danger" :))). Jokes aside, I only have one version of RTW and one version of BI. I want to play using the RTW CD at my place and using BI CD at my fiancee's place. Now, I can't find the thread where you guys posted how to play using the BI *.exe file. Can you please help me with that? I'm sorry 4 re-opening a new thread regarding this issue...

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    well, you could always dl a crack (they're not illegal if you own the original) but I advise you to run both games with BI (increased AI espetially on campaign map!). just copy the end of the EB shortcut target in your desktop (you know -mod:eb, -nm:, -show_err) into the trget in your BI shortcut.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mAIOR
    (you know -mod:eb, -nm:, -show_err) into the trget in your BI shortcut.
    no I don't know... I've no idea of modding/programming etc... so pls explain to me how to do it in detail, step by step... so right-click on the EX shortcut...then properties...then target...then what?

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    I think this is the thread you are looking for

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    Default Re: Play EB with BI CD

    then copy paste the line after EB 0.8
    (EB 0.8 is my nenamed RTW-folder).

    For BI-exe:

    "D:\Games\EB 0.8\RomeTW-BI.exe" -mod:eb -show_err -nm

    For Rome-exe:

    "D:\Games\EB 0.8\RomeTW.exe" -mod:eb -show_err -nm

    Here´s the original threat:

    How to play EB 0.8 with the BI.exe

    Enjoy EB!
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    Default Re: Play EB with BI CD

    tks a lot guys... it works perfectly :)


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