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Thread: Skymod + blood

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    Exclamation Skymod + blood

    I'm gonna post it here too and choose an alternative download location, because twcenter cannot support the load and bandwith of over 700 users online, (I guess).

    What you need to know about my mod:

    You need to use the io-switch, it will not work within the "mymod" folder or any mod folder.

    It is an .exe file within the zip file, and very easy to install, just make sure you point to the location of your installed game.

    (default is: c:/program files/SEGA/Medieval II Total war )

    some images from the mod:

    Changes to the vanilla M2TW:

    -darker nights
    -more variety of skies
    -more visible blood stains
    -more visible blood "hits" by missile
    -changing weather during battles
    -changed lighthing conditions
    -changed bloom settings (reduced some places, intensified other places)
    -changed fog settings (reduced some places, intensified other places)

    linkie coming soon for download. ~ done!

    Download link

    /click on free on the options at rapidshare, then follow instructions how to download this/
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    Ive been looking forward to this release. Thanks. Ill try it out when i get the chance.

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    Looks very good, nice job.

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    Fantastic job!!!! Love what you have done. Keep up the great work as we (the community) do appreciate it.

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    The sky is too blue, IMO
    [War's] glory is all moonshine; even success most brilliant is over dead and mangled bodies, with the anguish and lamentations of distant families.
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    I am working on the new version of skies, which basically a complete overhaul of the sky textures. Here is some samples, but remind you this is WIP (work in progress) so you are seeing beta-images.

    These are far larger and higher quality textures than the vanilla ones, so I am using a completely new set of spheres, made from scratch.


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