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    Well, I'm new to the game, currently playing the french in a short game. N I was curious about a few things.

    In the manual it says that you can transfer retinue between characters, but I cant find out how, does anyone know if this is possible?

    And is there anywhere i can find some kind of technology tree for the game, cause I hate playing the game and building buildings with no idea where its leading me.

    Thanks for any advice

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    Put two characters together either in a settlement, fort or stack. Click and drag the desired trait from one character to another. Few traits are transferable though. Most artefacts are and apothercary amongst others.

    To make sense of the building tree I use the browser that you find on the left bottom side when you open the settlement scroll.

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    Thanks. But now I have another Q. How can I build mines on top of the trade resources on the map?

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    You can only build mines in settlements with certain resources, I think maybe just regions with gold & silver, but there might be another. I believe that all that's required is the 2nd level city walls, or I think a Fortress. But most settlements can't get mines at all.

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    Also, if you're curious what to do with those other resources beside mine the gold & silver, they are there for merchants. If you move a merchant onto one of them, they'll start trading and earning you a few florins a turn. The amount they make depends on the skill of the merchant, the value of the resource and the distance from your capitol, usually it doesn't amount to a ton of money, except if you manged to get your merchants over to the gold and ivory resources in the south of the the Timbuktu region, it's a merchant paradise over there.

    Best way to get money from merchants though is to level them up by having them trade a few turns (works best if they trade in a monopoly -- i.e, 2 merchants in one region with 2 of the same resources.) Then when they're a few levels up, send them out to find other merchants, you can make 1000+ off an acquisition. In areas where the AI spams merchants like northern italy, you can earn lots of cash this way.

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    Just to be clear, since the thread starter said he was new to the game:

    Ancillaries are not the same thing as traits. Traits (Brave, Good Commander, Social drinker etc) are to the right on the character screen, and can never, ever be transfered. Ancillaries (Pagan Magician, Adultress etc) are on the left. Only some of them can be transfered:

    Academic_advisor, alchemist, apothecary, assassins_apprentice, bard, black_stallion, bodyguard, caravan_driver, translator, treasurer, trusty_steed,

    All relics, (Sword of Mohammed, Crown of Thorns, Ark of the Covenant etc.) are transferable.

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    I'm a bit irritated by the lack of transferrability on some retinue members. It'd be nice if we could at least know in advance (thanks for the list!), to save having some general running halfway around the world, only to find out you can't transfer. Grr...
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