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Thread: New things in the game

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    Default New things in the game

    Now we've all been playing for a while, which new things do we like/dislike? I mean new things to do, not the game mechanics.

    Religion and the Pope - a genuine new level to strategy.
    The Guilds - makes empire planning more interesting.
    Citadels & cities - as above.
    The Black Death - always makes me laugh.

    The Americas - years to get there, nothing to see.
    Crusades - just another excuse for a punch up.

    Merchants & princesses - a waste of time.

    I'd say more plusses than minuses. Anyone else?

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    Default Re: New things in the game

    I don't find princesses any less a "waste of time" than diplomats, since they can serve the same function, and more.

    However, that being said, in my ideal total war game the only things we would have to worry about moving around the map would be armies and navies.

    I think the diplomatic functions, etc. should be able to be done in a screen somewhere without having to bother moving individuals around the map. Would make turns go quicker, and allow one to concentrate on what's important (ie. armies, managing cities etc.). I hate maps crowded with noncombatants!!

    The one exception may be spies, so we can unveil the map and dissappate fow.

    I agree with most of the rest: pope, guilds are fun. Crusades aren't too bad, especially when you can call one out on your worst enemy

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    Default Re: New things in the game

    Mongols very challenging
    Papal Elections

    Cavalry way too finicky to make use of properly in large battles (need too much micromanaging to manage a proper charge)

    Ability to bribe AI generals has been virtually eliminated
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