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Thread: Video and OS Support

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    I notice the specs say increased vid card support. Does anyone know whether or not this mean the we will be able to run this on our dells with the ATI Rage Mobility chipsets? And will it support win2k?

    I had the modified vid drivers and was playing in winMe, but I since upgraded to win2k the modified vid drivers aren't supported, so no Total War for me.

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    The short answer: We don't know.

    A longer answer: We don't know, but I can ramble a bit anyway.

    The expansion's specs say it "takes full advantage of several 3D graphics cards." This means it will improve the existing graphics (this is described in the Gamepro Q&A), but that doesn't necessarily mean the comptibility will be improved. Personally, I think making the original game work on a wider range of hardware shouldn't cost money, and AFAIK the developers are trying to fix the Nvidia driver issue for the next patch. With luck, they'll fix the ATI Rage problem in that same patch... but that's with luck.

    As for your problem, you could try , but IMO your chances are pretty slim. The Dell/Rage combo is problematic, and having a NT-based OS makes your computer a compatibility nightmare - those things aren't designed for gaming at all.

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    This actually belongs in the tech support area (IMO) but here goes.........

    The game was never supported under NT which would also transfer to 2k. It will run under ME though. I wouldn't count on any type of support from either the developers or EA and I doubt that they'll even attempt to make it compatible.

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