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Thread: Venice Bug and Armour bug (<-- Not sure bout the last)

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    Default Venice Bug and Armour bug (<-- Not sure bout the last)

    THe province venice is bugged.. you cannot build a watchtower or a fort anywhere in the province but as fast as you move out you can.. this is 1.0 version but as it has not been mentioned on the bug fix list of v1.1 i think its still there.. can anyone confirm this? It might just be me making a mistake but ive tested it and i really cant built it anywhere in the province.

    Another thing for ppl that have studied the unit_stats textfile. THey might have noticed that M2TW has a very strict layout, in contradiction to RTW. All armour and shield and weapon values are set and the same for all units.


    armour value is always 0, you get bonus for the armour.

    no armour = 0 bonus
    padded/leather armour = 3 bonus
    light mail = 5 bonus
    heavy mail = 7 bonus
    partial plate = 8 bonus
    full plate = 9 bonus
    advanced plate = 11 bonus

    but when you upgrade a unit from no armour to per example light armour (pikemen to name on) they only get +1 bonus. So a pikemen unit with light mail only has 1 armour value instead of the 5 he should have. The reason this might be a bug is because when you look in the unit_Stat files you see that one line says something like this

    ;armour... ex 0, 3, 5, 0, 3, 4,4 flesh

    the first 4 digits are for the armour, the first is the standard value, which must be the same as one as the digits i mentioned above, so when a unit starts with light mail armour the first digit would say 5. the other 3 digits following, in this case: 3, 5, 0 are for the upgrades the armour can get. So would you upgrade a unit with no armour to padded armour to light mail armour he is supposed to get a armour value of 5 but that's not the case. instead he only get's an armour value of 2 for each upgrade +1.

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    Default Re: Venice Bug and Armour bug (<-- Not sure bout the last)

    It's not venice that's bugged. It's a known bug that provinces sometimes become impossible to build field structures in after natural disasters (Flood, earthquake, plague, etc).

    The armor issue is not a bug either. If you look at the line of code you posted, you'll note that it has been commented out. The upgrade system was never fully implemented, and was therefore not included in the game at ship time.

    It is not likely they will implement it in a patch.
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    Default Re: Venice Bug and Armour bug (<-- Not sure bout the last)

    Both have been reported.

    Please check the buglist before reporting 'new' bugs, and keep all such discussion in that thread
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