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Thread: bulk up rebel settlement

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    Lightbulb bulk up rebel settlement

    Normally, hate to cheat, but playing English H/H and the Danes with a full stack beat me to Antwerp by 1 turn. I had a full stack with a second stack of artillery (ballistas & catapults bringing up the rear) on a slow boat from London. Anyways, really wanted Antwerp, so I tried an idea, I added units to that rebel settlement and it worked!! I don't know if anybody else knows, but this was a revelation to me.

    The Danes attacked and lost 1/2 their men and retreated, now I'm beseiging Antwerp and now have to look forward to killing off the 10 armored sergeants I added to that place along with the original garison.

    This certainly opens up interesting game play, if you need a challenge, give your opponent some free units - although I haven't tried it with faction settlements yet.

    A possiblility - if there's a faction (x) you don't like and they're at war with faction (y) give some troops to faction (y) and see where that goes.
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    Ive bulked up a few rebel fortress'. But i found an island rebel city, has been to a rebel CITADEL?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pevergreen
    Ive bulked up a few rebel fortress'. But i found an island rebel city, has been to a rebel CITADEL?
    Im useing the lite mod ATM and ive edited the game so everyone includeing the rebels has 9999999 denaris and everyones spamming out units like mad includeing the rebels makes for a fun game for me anyway.

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    You mean florin right?


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