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    Default Manually Routing

    When you manually rout units in the battle map, do they lose exp points? Do they lose anything else? This comes from another topic I had about reinforcements where I had to manually rout units to get more appropriate units into battle on a multi-stack battle.

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    The only negative traits would be possibly some coward traits in the general. As far as losing experience bars for the unit I believe that happens when the inidividual soldiers the unit loses are the more experienced soldiers thus overall exp bars are lower for the unit as a whole due to averaging. I've had this happen a few times in naval battles where I was defeated though never in a land-battle rout.

    Edit-Actually it would happen a lot in RTW in land battles, but it seems to happen less in M2TW.
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    Usually when I manually rout either 1) the routers run headlong onto the spears of the AI in a suicidal mania or 2) if they make it off the map, they end up dead or deserted anyway. Any surviving units are usually decimated even if they took no actual losses. So I don't bother with it any more.


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