I was spending the last 3 days thinking how I can force the AI to garrison the forts it builts or the ones which already existed on the campaign map (through descr_strat.txt).

There are a couple of events and one conditional command but they are of very little use (more of no use actually) as we don't have any command at disposal to create units or send someone there (except some very nasty and bug-prone scripting turnarounds).

Any of you did find a method to put to use this half-finished feature of the game?

Until Ca won't allow forts not to be destroyed the second they are left ungarrisoned they give the human player a huge advantage against AI. I can block the AI movement in narrow strategic points with very little military forces.

Beside that they still have the "old" roman 3d graphic (which is really out of place in a middle-age setting), but this seems moddable at least.