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Thread: Changing values = modding?

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    Default Changing values = modding?

    Hi. Just some questions.

    1) To change any values found in the "export_des..." series, I must unpack the files using the unpacker, right?

    2) Is this regarded as modding, and so, should be discussed in the modding threads (eg enabling huge cathedrals to produce bishops)?

    3) Since the unpacker dumps out 7 GB worth of data (not to mention it takes a long time), is there any way for me to get hold of the txt files which I can then change the values? Also, is it possible to then just use these unpacked "export" files together with the packed ones?

    and Thanks!

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    Default Re: Changing values = modding?

    1) Yes

    2) Probably

    3) If you read the readme it's quite easy to selectively unpack files (just get a listing of the files and filter it so you only get the ones you want)

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