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Thread: Creating independant states.

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    Default Creating independant states.

    Ive always thought that a good gameplay feature would be the ability to grant independance to a conquered province. Is this possible with modding? I suppose the nearest thing would be for it to turn into a rebel state whilst retaining the conquering army. I ask this because certain game conditions arent realistic. For instance lets say that France conquers jerusalem. The resultant kingdom that exists currently is merely another French province which as we all know was not the case historically. Whilst the kingdom of Jerusalem looked to France as its mother nation, it was in no sense a province of France.

    Im guessing that this is probably not possible but is there any way to make rebels "come alive", ie a way to interact with them rather than just fighting with them.

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    Default Re: Creating independant states.

    i dont think thats possible, the closest thing to that it is the rebel fractions in EB, which a type (eg: celts) could hae a couple of regions with a capital.

    but you cant ally with them or anything.

    Otherwise you could have a building like the government building in EB of an "Allied State" which restricts what you can build and recruit, perhaps we can do some sort of script so if you have a "Allied State" as government building, all constructions beside city defences are "auto-scripted" (ie they just show up) to do that too you will need to reduce the income of that region to a minium (because you dont really control it)

    other wise you are gonna need a couple hundred of fractions, which you can't...


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