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Thread: To All, A Little G.O.D

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    Originally Posted by BRO_*************
    Vet - A player that played in the Shogun/MTW days, that feels as though the new group of players (and game) and poor in comparison to the 'good old days.' Vets usually suffer from delirious nostalgia, as well as hype their skills over their actual performance.
    The attitude portrayed in the above sentence will not be tolerated in this forum. Not by old timers toward new players, not by new players toward old timers, not, by anyone toward anyone. How you conduct yourself elsewhere is your business, however, when posting in this forum, one will observe the rules of etiquette, ignore them at your peril.

    G.O.D. = Good, Orderly, Direction.

    A worthy code of conduct indeed, though some who have signed on and wear that badge under their avatar seem to have forgotten their oath.
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    Hello All,

    Since I am the New AM here, and take the COH sersiouly, I will stricly enforce this. I want MP in geneal on TW to be a good place, and not where Old Players Bash Young One, or Young Ones Bash Old Players. It will be dealt with if I see it happen.

    In the meanwhile, Have Fun in this fourm, it just a game


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