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Thread: Mongol reinforcements and troop upgrades

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    A few things that have not been discussed to much are the question of reinforcements of the Mongol army, and how their troops will be upgraded. I've been wondering this, since the Mongols aren't allowed to build anything. So does this mean that all the Mongols units, like the Heavy Cavalry are accessible from the very outset of the game. Or must we wait a certain period of time until they are available? Also, how will the reinforcement aspect of the Mongols be handled? Will they halfto be ship over on boats? Is this where the Naval portion of the game comes into play? Or are the boats just for show? So many questions and not enough answers.

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    In one of the interviews there was mention about both ship reinforcements after a certain time, and using the Loot Koku to purchase more troops as well. You get a certain amount of koku for each province you conquer. We'll see how it works in game.

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    There will be no naval combat or anything of the like: the boats on the tactical maps are just for show, and the Mongol reinforcements will presumably just appear wherever he has his beach-head.

    It is not known whether the Mongols can get all kinds of units at the outset or not. IMHO they probably can, but the Hôjô may have some advanced facilities at the outset, too.

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