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Thread: News of the Weird

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    In all these papers we see a love of honest work, an aversion to shams, a caution in the enunciation of conclusions, a distrust of rash generalizations and speculations based on uncertain premises. He was never anxious to add one more guess on doubtful matters in the hope of hitting the truth, or what might pass as such for a time, but was always ready to take infinite pains in the most careful testing of every theory. With these qualities was united a modesty which forbade the pushing of his own claims and desired no reputation except the unsought tribute of competent judges.

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    The Eurabia project has already begun. Dutch leaders are converting to Islam en masse.

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    Duterte: Drug war failed

    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has admitted his administration’s war on drugs was a failure.

    At a campaign rally in Malabon City on Tuesday evening, Duterte, whose promise to eradicate illegal drugs in three to six months helped him capture the presidency in 2016, said the drug problem was “swallowing” the country.


    Late last month, Duterte said the drug situation in the country had “worsened” and that law enforcers were close to giving up.
    Duterte, however, said the drug war was a failure because it was a “worldwide problem.”
    That is - some refreshing candor.
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    legless napoleonic prof pulled out of river found with research assistants arms in his backback:
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    There are times I wish they’d just ban everything- baccy and beer, burgers and bangers, and all the rest- once and for all. Instead, they creep forward one apparently tiny step at a time. It’s like being executed with a bacon slicer.

    “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.”

    To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.

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