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    Default Sorted: Disclaimers etc

    Company List and reactions:

    Sega - Contacted/Waiting for response
    Activision - Contacted/Waiting for response
    Nintendo - Contacted/Consent given
    Sony - To Be Contacted
    Microsoft Game Studios - To Be Contacted
    CA - consent
    EA - waiting for response
    Rockstar - Consent Given
    Ubisoft - To Be Contacted
    Eidos - Contacted/Waiting for response
    Codemasters - Repsonded, and disclaimer required
    Konami - consent given
    Midway- To Be Contacted
    News Update- Sony being replaced by Namco and Capcom
    News Update- Disclaimers required for all of them ( consulted lawyers etc

    Companies may not sue if where the copyright lays is clearly stated

    This list is subject to change so keep a eye on it

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    Post Re: Copyright and Companies

    May I suggest that, if they fail to respond, that you ask them again. Some gaming companies are, sadly, rather, let's say, ignorant and fail to notice your request. Unfortunately, I know that from my dealings with game companies in the past.
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    Default Re: Copyright and Companies

    It seems you got quite a work to do in getting these people understand your idea... hmm, if I were you I wouldn't be that optimistic some people will allow their trademarks parodied... Best of luck anyway.


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    Default Re: Copyright and Companies

    Our first decline from Codemasters, they are a very protective company as they had replied back.
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    Default Re: Copyright and Companies

    Quintus, codemasters site says this:

    If you wish to use the characters from one of our games in a modification, please do state where the copyright lies (in a Disclaimer)

    Therefore, result!!

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