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    Default Animations Preview animations by SigniferOne

    The aim has been to make all soldiers' movements more realistic, more believable, and more natural. The task in animations is not just to create fancy new stuff while keep old things as awkward as before, but to make the whole gaming environment more pleasant and believable to the viewer.


    All cavalry units have undergone a complete overhaul:


    New whole infantry skeletons have been created, including barbarian and standard bearer animations, and of course the latest versions of fs_gladius and fs_hoplite (standard bearer and the "surprise" screenshot were taken from vanilla units):

    And finally ......

    All screenshots are taken from units' actual motions.

    project creator & director

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    Default Re: Animations Preview

    not so sure about that last one... hahaha nice work guys

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    Default Re: Animations Preview

    Nice work SigniferOne!
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    So did that last one just decide to moon the Roman line or what lol. Looks great guys. Can't wait to play it.
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