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    I think you can expand on the faction list. You definitely need the Algonquins. They were of vital importance to the French. I think the Iroquois Faction is a good idea, because they were a real pain in the backside, especially when the English gave them gunpowder to go with guns!

    I will post more when I think of it.


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    Algonquins, do you know where there homelands are? We have a lot of First Nation Tribes there already, though I guess theres space. THanks for the help,

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    I will try to draw a rough map, although I doubt there will be any question in the fact that I will most likely be wrong.

    They were located in south eastern Quebec and Ontario. Notice that a huge provincial park in southern Ontario bears their name, Algonquin Park, as well as some colleges and tourist agencies in the region.

    The blue/green is where they would most likely inhabited. They would also lived a bit more south on lake Huron, I forgot to add it though!

    Forget the green in the bottom right. and maybe they woudn't have lived as far east as that. But that is the general area.

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    Algonquins were indeed an important nation, we'll sure think about it.
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