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    Default EB Loaning Policies

    EB Loaning Policies

    Rule #1. No material from EB may be used in another mod, minimod (for other mods - minimods for EB start with the assumption that all materials may be reused), or other public release without a granted request from the EB team. See link at bottom for request procedure.

    Rule #2. There will be no changes made to any unit models or textures from EB. If the mod team allows certain units/models/textures to be used in another modification, there must be no changes made to the models or textures of those units. Stats may be changed to fit other mods' systems, but the work itself may not be altered, sampled from, or changed in any other way. Additionally, new textures may be created to work with loaned EB models, as long as no part of the original EB texture for the model is reused in parts or sections of the unit. These rules also apply to EB minimods.

    Rule #3. The individual artists responsible for creating the unit models and textures, as well as EB in general, must be given credit for the work in some publicly observable fashion (e.g., in the release notes, in the posted release announcement, etc.).

    Rule #4. The items that may be requested from EB include unit models and unit textures, as well as the unit descriptions, info card images, and unit info images that accompany them. Animations may also be requested.

    Rule #5. The items that will not be loaned from EB include campaign map resources, ships, or siege graphics (models/textures), GUI's (graphical user interfaces), loading screens, music, and building graphics.

    Rule #6. In regards to units (and accompanying items mentioned in rule #4), small to moderate requests only will be allowed. Requesting a handful of units will usually be allowed, and we are more favorably disposed to allow larger requests to modifications where a substantial amount of work on other units has already been accomplished by the mod team (not just loaned from other mods). We are not favorably inclined to loan more units to modifications who have not made substantial progress on their own in this regard.

    Rule #7. More latitude may be given in regards to the numbers of loaned units and even possibly the sorts of items loaned (rules #4 and #5), or even possibly rule #2 if there is a significant quid pro quo arrangement between EB and the other modification. If it helps EB, we would be willing to allow more room for alterations to these rules. This has not happened yet in any case.

    Requests should be sent by PM to MarcusAureliusAntoninus .
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