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    Default Samurai Warlords beta 8

    Download here.

    Requirements for install:
    To install this mod you need a fresh unmodded version of Medieval:Total War + The Viking Invasion Add-On + The VI patch 2.01. (We've limited experience with the Eras and Gold versions of Medieval that also include Viking Invasion. They're supposed to be the same as the original MTW+VI Add-on. For Single Players these versions should work okay, but Multiplayers may have troubles with their CD-Keys not being recognised by Gamespy.)

    How to install:
    Download the installer and run it by double-clicking.
    (When asked for the install location (see image below), browse to your copy of Medieval:TW/VI that you intend to use.)
    (Attention: The installer may take a while to finish. Some people have reported that they thought it had frozen.
    This is not the case, it just has a lot of things to do, like deleting unnecessary files.)

    Just wait and follow the instructions until it says: "Medieval installation succesfully modified".

    After the install you'll have two additional eras: 1. "Samurai Warlords" and 2. "Samurai Wars MP".
    You need to scroll down to see them. You'll have Vikings, Early, High, Late, Samurai Warlords and Samurai Wars MP.

    Here's the link for the Samurai Warlords patch 8.1. (222k)
    • includes the fix by Techno_Mage_of_Shadows.
    • deletes all vanilla eras for easier access
    • features a new Main Menu title, so that people can check if the patch is properly installed.
    • the unit prod is still called "MP_11_unit_prod", the old will be overwritten by the patch, the stats haven't changed

    Non required add-ons:

    Get the Sound-Add-on in this thread: Sound Add-on
    TosaInu has made new large maps for the beta_8.
    They can be downloaded here
    Puzz3D has made new castles for the beta_8. They can be downloaded here
    For information on how to use them see this post.
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    Singleplayer: Download beta_8
    Multiplayer: Download
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