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    Default Welcome to Krynn!

    The War of Souls is ended, The Dark Queen is dead! The Valiant Warrior has shed is immortality. But the rest of the gods return and vie for power in their absence.

    The Dark Knights of Takhisis struggle amongst themselves for power while the noble order of Solamnic Knights plot to retake their ancient homeland. The fallen ogres, armed with a mysterious and loathsome new magic assert their proper place in the world. The minotaurs, self proclaimed master race, seek to take their birthright as rulers and enslave all of Ansalon. The elves flee their homelands, scattered but united for the first time since the Kinslayer Wars under the banner of the Puppet King. The Orders of Magic reform with the return of the moons, yet the new magic continues to thrive. The Power of the Heart rivals the power of Faith.

    The Heroes of the Lance are dead, the world must find new heroes. This is the Age of Mortals.

    Dragonlance: Total War- Age of Mortals is a Total Conversion mod for Medieval II: Total War currently in production. The long term goal is the creation of a deep an immersive game spanning the breadth of the continent of Ansalon, beginning 425 years after the Cataclysm, with the hope of expanding to a War of the Lance campaign later.

    However, the mod is planned to be released in segments, beginning with a short "demo version", followed up by a series of "provincial" type campaigns.

    The first release, hopefully to be completed by the expansion's release, will be a fairly simple demo.This will be a bare bones short campaign encompassing central Ansalon, the region including Sanction, Neraka, Jelek, and Khur. There will be three playable factions.

    Demo Factions
    Sanction (with access to Knights of Solamnia and Legion of Steel)
    Neraka (with access to Knights of Takhisis/Neraka)
    Caliphate of Khur (Similar to Turks with better heavy infantry)

    Rise of Solamnia will encompass the period potrayed in Douglas Niles' "Rise of Solamnia" trilogy. This campaign will be the first to make use of many of the new features made available with the upcoming expansion, such as factions without a family tree, stone forts, and special general abilities.

    Rise of Solamnia Factions
    Lemish (Ankhar's Hoard)
    * Unplayable faction

    This campaign will center on the northwestern part of the mainland, including Palanthas, Caergoth, Solanthus, and Lemish.

    We then plan to expand to a second provincial campaign, called "Minotaur Invasion", which will cover the period immediately following Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's "War of Souls" trilogy, leading into Richard A. Knaak's "Minotaur Wars" trilogy, including the Night of Blood itself. This campaign is tenative only.

    Minotaur Invasion Factions
    Minotaur Empire

    This campaign will center on eastern Ansalon including the Blood Sea isles, the Mitos Archipelagos, Silvanesti, Khur, the Desolation, and Kern.

    By the time these two campaign's are complete, the full Age of Mortals campaign will go into production as the majority of important factions will be represented.

    Age of Mortals Campaign
    Onyx Order
    Eastern Elven Exiles
    Western Elven Exiles
    Sable's Dragonrealm*
    Minotaur Empire
    Blood Sea Pirates*
    Ergothian Empire

    Mod openings
    At the moment I'm looking for primarily outsourced help, one thing at a time. Anything done will be credited, of course, with specifics as to what was done. I plan to keep the core team relatively small and do the bulk of the text editing myself, though advanced coding and 3d modeling are areas where assistance will be sought, if only to ensure greater competence and save time. If you are a Dragonlance fan, or just want to help in some way, please PM me.

    The Whitestone Council (or, DL:TW is brought to you by-)
    A.J. Dembroski- design, mapping, traits
    Paula Jensen- Screens, art, skins Paula's Art Site
    Heledir- Models, design
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    Default Re: Welcome to Krynn!

    awesome news
    I love the series, good luck with your mod

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    A Dragonlance mod for MTW2 makes the mouth water!
    "Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, and why we died. All that matters is that today, two stood against many. Valor pleases you, so grant me this one request. Grant me revenge!
    And if you do not listen, the HELL with you

    Conan, "Conan The Barbarian"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsarsies
    A Dragonlance mod for MTW2 makes the mouth water!
    Glad you guys are interested... we're growing close to a point when I can start releasing some previews... maps, screenies, and the like.


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