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    Quote Originally Posted by Vuk
    Here is the Diaguita faction preview #1!

    All the units but one are completed for the Diaguita faction, and it will be done soon. Don't know why, but for some reason I decided to post a preview now instead of waiting till I finish the last unit. :P

    We'll start of with the basic peasant clubman. :P

    When I took the shots of the other models, I just used this guy and put them over him, so some of them with be holding their primary and secondary weapons at the same time, and other only their secondary. :P It may look just a bit strange because of that. ;)

    Next, a levy slinger! Notice that he is holding his solid sling like a club. :P A pure touch of genius!

    Levy archer...

    Followed by basic macemen...

    and basic Spearmen.

    Next come the Diaguita Nobles. The wealthy class of the Diaguita who could afford better arms, finer cloth, and more effective armor.

    First the lesser nobles. Note that they are holding their three javelins and one mace all at the same time. :P

    Next, the greater nobles. Note the improvement in their clothes and armour.

    Finally, the noble archer. Just the same as the greater noble, but with a bow. :D

    I do not specialize in the history and culture of Meso-American Indians, and do not know the real names for any of these units, but their the names that I am using. :D If you want historical accuracy, talk to Murf of Fil. :D

    Hope you enjoy!

    I thought this deserved its own thread.

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    Default Re: Preview #2: Diaguita faction

    And finally, the ever-so-sexy Diaguita general!

    This last skin is not final, but I thought that I'd post it so I could see your comments. :P

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