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Thread: Warhammer; Total War needs YOU!

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    Default Warhammer; Total War needs YOU!

    Whatever you can do, we probably need it done.

    Please, please help, graphics, scripting, coding, models, etc, we need them all.

    Posts already filled;
    Jubal (Coding)
    Kuni (Skinning)
    HemilcoBarca (Unit Carding)
    Murfios (Faction icons)

    We are fine for the above, although as HB and Murfios do other mods as well I'm sure they'd appreciate a bit of help.
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    Default Re: Warhammer; Total War needs YOU!

    good news! Im finished with all Incas'. Then Ill finish Tamireils and i'll move to your mod.(the list goes on)


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