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    Hi! The Balearic light infantry's description descrives them as an elite in the Kart-Hadast forces but the stats make them just an avarege light infantry comparable to iberians and numidians. Are those stats bugged or is it possible to used them in a fasion that i'm new to?
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    Well the Iberians WERE the best light infantry, so that's no surpise. And while the numidians might look good with a decent attack/defense, it's misleading. Numidians have knifes for meele, and all knifes have high attack but just sad lethailty *0.04*, so they aren't as good as you think. Also, their defense comes almost 100% from defensive skill, so missiles will eat them up.
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    I find numidians to be pretty good flanking troops but like what Fondor_Yards said the are no match for the Iberians.
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    Balearic Light Infantry are skrimishers (no "missiles thrown before charge"), not light infantry like the Caetratii per se. They should be compared against Numidians, Velites, and Peltastai, which shows their obvious superiority.


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