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Thread: Hey...I am back

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    I am back from LONGG ABsence, Does naybody recognize me?????
    Kelv_Mongol...Now Kelvar_Mongol
    "War is Peace." - Newspeak

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    Wow, that WAS a long time ago! Welcome back, Kelv!

    Gee, why would the mongols start showing up now? I can see some new clans springing up already....

    -- B)

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    ha, someone Know me.

    thanx banzai...
    yeah, took a break from the game for a while to play other games... And I have to work for some job but I didn't bring my PC so I took a long break.
    "War is Peace." - Newspeak

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    Yeah, B_Z talk about a ghost from the past, eh? We haven't this old buzzard in like... years!?

    So, are you excited about the forthcoming expansion pack, Kelv? You should have seen Magy when they made the announcement; he was about 3 feet off the ground for a week or more!

    Something tells me you'll be first in line for one of those new Mongol Horde icon's that Anssi is working on, eh?

    Modern civilization is a vast conspiracy against silence

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    The Horde will RIDE again.
    yeah the mongol ex pack was the partly the reason.
    hey, good to know the good ole Magy was still with the horde...

    So the next project: resurrect Ghengis Khan...

    P.S. remember the heated debate about the Horde of Cheap Yari-mans vs a expensive army?? hehe, The Mongol horde loves the New Korean Conscripts ;-)
    "War is Peace." - Newspeak


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