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    Default The Julii empire

    Chapter 1:The Rise

    270B.C., Rome had already taken the whole country of Italy. It was a good year for the mighty legions of the empire while the country of Gaul was weak against the many attacks from the brave, skillfull, and smart Julii legions.
    Also it was important because this was the first day the Julii got a task from the new so called "Senate". To take the Rebel settlement of Segesta.There are 4 main charcters in this story, Flavius Julius the faction leader, and his sons, Lucius the faction heir, Vibius, and Quintus.
    Flavius was going to see to this task personaly with his 1 unit of triarri, 2 hastati, and 1 archers. It wasn't even 6 months when they got there. There challange was Captain Taximagulus with 1 warband and 1 of peasants. Maybe this might be easier than he thought........

    Chapter 1/2:attack on Segesta

    It was a nice sunny day on the land of Segesta and the grass was nice and tall, a terrific day for fighting. First Flavius commanded his archers to line up behind a fence just close enough so the archers could pin down the rebels. This killed about 150 of them. Second flavius sent his Triarii up the hill and told him to stand defensive, and he sent his Hastati to go around the enemy and throw their pilums(Roman throwing spears) the plan worked. Segesta was ours.Casualtys, me-7 them-241
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