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Thread: Bad Emo Poetry (and other fun things)

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    Default Bad Emo Poetry (and other fun things)

    Poem #1: Self Harm

    i cut myself,
    bcuz i want attn.
    bcuz, i'm whiny
    bcuz i'm petty
    n jealous, even
    tho, daddy's rich
    and I drive a nice car
    but i'm not pretty enough
    an' not enough ppl
    luv me.
    y doesn't the world revolve around me?
    so i drag the razr across my
    bcuz i want attn.
    n bcuz Linkin Park sez it's cool
    Life is Pain.
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    Default Re: Bad Emo Poetry (and other fun things)

    ironic but if you want to make fun of them thats fair but i'm not sure if i'd call it emo poetry because i think they atleast veil if not ignore most of the negatives of the self. but i guess even i guess i'll end this with one line and anyone can add another.
    yay bad couplets

    I sit drenched and broken in the rain...

    (sweet it matches with your last line)
    Drink Tea

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