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Thread: Attention developers: faction review

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    Default Attention developers: faction review

    Being very well conversed in the history of India, Indian warfare and weaponary during the 15th to 19th centuries, i am astonished at the lack of Indian factions.
    The Mughal Empire comprises the only Indian faction, and after having reviewed your campaign map i feel there is space for one more faction. The truth being, the Mughals did not control all of North India. The Sikhs were a constant thorn in the side of the Mughal Empire and i think the Sikhs should be at least added, even if it is just simply a minor faction. Towards the end of the 1700 (where your mod ends) the Sikhs had forged their own Kingdom in the nothern India, and was on the same scale as those seen in Europe. So i feel the Sikhs should not simply just be a rebel band, they should have their own minor faction.

    I hope you consider my proposals and i will glady help the developers with the development of the Mughal and (if added) Sikh faction.

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    Default Re: Attention developers: faction review

    Your help would be most useful.

    MY knowledge is considerable regarding all OTHER regions, but when dealing with India it fails miserably.

    There is one spare slot in the faction list which will be used to accomodate so called 'patched' factions ( available as an addon to the main mod) so another indian faction is an interesting proposal.

    Please use the Moghul thread to present your ideas. I am primary interested in the warfare, other things will come later.

    For now creating a stable and finished unit roster for the mod is the biggest concern of me - unit slots are limited and full knowledge is required to set it right.

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    Default Re: Attention developers: faction review

    Quote Originally Posted by Wladyslaw IV
    Sorry! had to quote your list to see it, I'm too lazy to scroll down.. ;)

    Apache - yes. Peublos and Utes where peaceful tribes occupying Arizona/New Mexico and Nevada/Utah, respectively. No need.

    Shoshones - did not have much impact at all on anyone. Best known for helping the L and C expedition under Sacajewia. (sp)

    Tlingits, Haida - what???

    Blackfeet Dakotas - Blackfeet: Southern modern day Canada, plains region. Dakota, North and South Dakota, Nebraska. Dakota - yes. Blackfeet - no. Can I suggest the sub tundra Cree?? (no K, it is Cree) Much better choice.

    Comanche - Texas, ok...

    Pawnee - very close to Dakota, but bitter rivals. No point in both. Mod would be better with Indian factions vs. the new colonials.

    Montagnais - See Tlingits, Haida. (???)

    Iroquois - yes! very important. By 1520, consisted of the Mohawk, Oneida, Cayuga, Seneca, Onadaga. Tuscarora (from North Carolina, orginally) NOT ADDED UNTIL 1722. Don't forget that.

    Huron - yes! very important. Stern allies of the French. Iroquois, England.

    The definite latter 4 - need: Shawnee. Kentucky, Tennessee. Ojibway is realy spelt Ojibwa, moderately important. Ohio tribes - can be... Fox, Saux, Illionois and of the many variety. Pick one (1). All Alogonquin (sp) speaking, got along quite nice ;) Susquehannock - (who??) Creek - yes. located west of the Cherokee, east of the Mississippi River.

    Cherokee, Choctaw - More southern US tribes. choctaw located: North of both Cherokee, Creek. Formed northern part as if in a triangle. I would include all three.

    Suggestions: Micmac - very important New England, New Bruswick Canada nation.

    Pirates - don't know how you'll do it, but - piracy was at its height worldwide in the middle of this period. Very important to have marauding ships.

    The Portugal discussion - Portugal was a huge player back then. In North america, maybe just brazil but has a MAJOR influence in Africa up until it let go its last colony in 1970 (yes, 19)

    The British discussion - entire Island group called THE BRITISH ISLES. England, Scotland, Wales form.... the island of BRITAIN. Ireland is simply called the island of Ireland, of course. THE UK (stood) for.. the UNITED KINGDOM of (Great) BRITAIN and Ireland. Today called.. the UNITED KINGDOM of Great BRITAIN and NORTHERN Ireland. In 1803 became the UK. In 1707 became GB. GB stands for the Kingdom of GREAT BRITAIN and Ireland (not united). Before 1707-- Wales annexed downright by England in 1500's. Scotland loosly and times not so loosly connected with England, but still an independant entity. In 1707 union between England and Scotland, Wales still an annexed territory of England. Ireland considered a conquered realm within English Empire. England unites with Scotland to form Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (again). in 1803 again, Wales officially PART of UK, and Britain (at this time, England and Scotland) formally unite with Ireland to form the UNITED KINGDOM (UK)

    In 1550, JUST ENGLAND without a doubt. By 1800 (end of mod) STILL GB. (Great Britain and Ireland, Kingdom of).

    Sorry about my sporatic English, but it took about 20 minutes to type all of this, I was getting writers blog (if that means shakey fingers, then yes)
    My knowledge of the Americas is quite great, Pre-Columbian as well as Colonial. I'm sure this copied thread o mine is of some use (at least).

    Or just follow this link if reading italics is annoying.
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