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Thread: Low unit count?

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    Default Low unit count?

    First, I would like to congratulate the EB team for the amazingly awesome job they've done. I dare say that if EB could be considered its own game, then it's one of the greatest games I've ever played. The attention to detail was just stunning.

    On another note, while playing today, I noticed something was up. In the screenshots people took, most units have at least 50 soldiers. In my game, the average unit only has around 20 men. My Scythian archers are only in groups of 13. Is that a bug, or is that supposed to happen? Thanks.

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    You have unit size (set in options) on small, you should have it on large or huge to see larger unit sizes. You will need to start a new campaign to see the effect.

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    Change your 'Unit Size' from game options, I believe (you'll have to start a new campaign for the change to kick in). On 'huge' scale the average successor phalanx unit has 240 men.

    (Edit: I blame my frozen fingers.)


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