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    Default nofire catapults

    based my towns defence on these things but they refused to fire anything. Most annoying as the town fell. Now they worked before i took the town but not now defending. I utilise the flamming missle icon to use as a tracer effect and left it on auto fire. I get the little fire symbol but nothing happens apart from the thing moving atle left and right and it certainly did nt use any ammo

    WHY - another bug?

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    Sometimes they can't fire over walls if they are too high. Also if the enemy is too close they won't fire.

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    Default Re: nofire catapults

    I lost a general during an assault (and the assault after everyone routed) to a flaming missile hurled from a catapult in the city square by the AI once...

    edit: I was inside the walls by this point...

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    Yes, you really don't want your own catapults to be the one making holes in your walls do you?? It is really hard to position siege equipment so they can fire in towns and is near impossible if you have stone walls unless you have like the mortar or something like that
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    I've found if you try to pack multiple catapult units into narrow streets they will sometimes end up on top of each other and wont fire until your spread them out.

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    I would be reluctant to fire my catapult inside my own city for fear of burning down my mother's house.
    Now if I would have a trebuchet or a mortar, I would be confident enough that I would clear the city walls.
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