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Thread: I luv 1.2

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    Thumbs up I luv 1.2

    First off, thanks for hosting this great site. I've been lurking for about 3 years, but didn't find it necessary to post 'till now. With that said.....

    I luv 1.2

    Playing as spain (h/vh) I noticed that within 25 turns the papacy had taken
    the territory just north of Valencia next to portugals castle. Upon sending
    spies and diplomats to Italy I noticed that milan had taken rome, and that his holiness the pope was actually leading an army taking florence and the islands to the west of genoa. Of course being a staunch catholic I asked for a crusade on rome, promptly sacked the place, and ceded it back to the papacy when requested.

    Back in spain, I've had an alliance with portugal for 90 turns (they always backstabbed in 1.1) and have made the moors my vassal (which has held for 60 turns thusfar). So far the feel of the game has improved---and now I feel like I'm playing the game the developers intended me (us) to play. I'm quite pleased.

    So to recap-IMHO 1. diplomace much improved
    2. powerblocks are a fact now
    3. the ai seems less dumb

    Cheers, J

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    Default Re: I luv 1.2

    powerblocks are a fact now
    That would be wonderful if this were true. I haven't installed the leaked patch, just waiting for the official one, but it would be quite the gift if I could fulfill my lifelong goal of forming something like a political/military Hanseatic league.
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    Default Re: I luv 1.2

    which patch r u talking about 1.2 leaked or official?
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    Default Re: I luv 1.2

    The leaked one I believe...

    I am using it and I see this tendency too... In my present HRE campaign there where defenate blocks forming... Me (HRE) and the French are one, the Danes, Poles and Hungary are another, Russia and the Byz, Venice and Milan where the bad guys...

    I am most surprized by the French, Spainish and Portuguese... The French are my allies, the Spainish were until they went at it with the French and the Portuguese never really liked me much. However none of them have randomly attacked my despite sharing a border. The French in particular have been a solid ally even with a relationship of "Good"...

    I have had betrayals (not surprizing as I allied to most everyone at the start) but not since the power blocks have formed (well there was the Mongols.. shiver...)...

    It is not magically all better, but it certainly feels less random now...
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