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Thread: What The?

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    Default What The?

    I Just Started Loading Rtw And Some Country Music Is On????
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    Default Re: What The?

    Well, just turn off the country music...
    S-U-C-E-S! That's the way you spell... suces?

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    Is it Johnny Cash?

    You may have purchased - "Country Total War"

    The epic struggle to bring your country singer faction to power. The Dolly Parton faction is a bit ahistorical but the Cash faction have cool black armour.

    Enjoy yee ha!!!
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    Ah, I've heard of that game before! The Cash faction's leader has the special 'Ring of Fire' ability as well as being armed with the legendary 'John Henry' warhammer. Whereas Clan Parton just have a big pair of....t .... er.... perhaps this has gone off topic enough!
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    Well, the High era faction Garth Brooks has Friends in Low Places, so maybe it's all balanced out anyway.


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