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Thread: EB runs fast then slow continuously

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    Default EB runs fast then slow continuously

    Hi, I have a p4 2.8 intel computer which runs all mods ok .. except EB. EB has one problem in that it keeps speeding up then slowing down. I think this when it's loading scripts??

    Is there anyway to fix this? it's very annoying.

    BTW, is the EB multiplayer version a hot seat or real online multiplayer mod?


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    Default Re: EB runs fast then slow continuously

    There are dozens of threads on game speed and suggestions on what to do...

    There is no hotseat in RTW...

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    Smile Re: EB runs fast then slow continuously

    Myrdraal did make a hotseat actualy, but the E.B. multiplayer is just to meet up for multiplayer custom battles, feel free to join in. When we have enough people we are hoping to set up a tournament system.
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    Default Re: EB runs fast then slow continuously

    Just be happy it runs fast sometimes.
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    Default Re: EB runs fast then slow continuously

    Sounds like a RAM issue, I know when I had only 512MB I had to restart RTW:EB at least every 2 hours and run RAMBooster to rehash my memory and then load it up again. It appears that with the 1.5GB now I can run it a solid day (almost made it there in some cases) without having to restart it. I'm also using a P4 2.8GHz prescott... processor doesn't mean much when you don't have anywhere to store anything :)
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    Default Re: EB runs fast then slow continuously

    You could either beef up your computer's RAM, or increase virtual memory size. Go to System Properties via the Control Panel, select the Advanced tab, and double or triple the amount of disk space allocated to virtual memory.

    Oh, and it wouldn't hurt if you made sure your computer runs as lightly as possible. The way things are nowadays, every time you boot up there is a lot of stuff that loads automatically. Once you get rid of that, you can expect up to a 100% improvement in computer performance.

    Sorry if I'm just repeating what someone might have already said earlier - I'm in a bit of a hurry and don't have the time to check.


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