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    Simazu's Preview

    Shimazu (島津) was the family name of the daimyo of the Satsuma han, which spread over Satsuma, Osumi and Hyūga provinces in Japan.

    The founder, Shimazu Tadahisa (1179–1227), was a shugo (privincial Constable) during the Kamakura period, ruling Satsuma, Osumi, and Hyūga Provinces. The Shimazu would become the only family of Edo period daimyo to have held their territory continuously since the Kamakura period, and would also become, at their peak, the wealthiest (most powerful) tozama family, with an income in excess of 700,000 koku.

    The 19th head, Yoshihiro (1535–1619), was the daimyo at the time of the Battle of Sekigahara, the establishment of the Tokugawa Shogunate, and the Siege of Osaka. His nephew and successor, Shimazu Tadatsune, however, held significant power during the first two decades of the 17th century, and organized the Shimazu invasion of the Ryūkyū Kingdom (modern-day Okinawa Prefecture) in 1609. Tokugawa allowed this because he wished to appease the Shimazu and prevent potential uprisings after their loss at Sekigahara[1]. The trade benefits acquired thusly, and the political prestige of being the only daimyo family to control an entire foreign country secured the family's position as one of the most powerful daimyo families in Japan at the time.

    The Shimazu clan is renowned for the loyalty of its retainers and officers, especially during the Sengoku era. Some retainer families, such as the Ijuin and Shirakawa, were determined to defeat any opposition to help expand the power of the Shimazu clan. The Shimazu are also famous for being the first to use firearms (arquebuses) on the battlefield in Japan, and began domestic production of the weapons as well. Shimazu battle tactics are known to have been very successful in defeating larger enemy armies, particularly during their campaign to conquer Kyūshū in the 1580s. Their tactics included the luring of the opposition into an ambush on both sides by arquebus troops, creating panic and disorder. Central forces would then be deployed to rout the enemy. In this way, the Shimazu were able to defeat much larger clans such as the Itō, Ryūzōji and Ōtomo. Overall, the Shimazu was a very large and powerful clan due to their strong economy both from domestic production through trade, good organization of government and troops, strong loyalty of retainers and isolation from Honshū.

    The 31st head of the Shimazu clan, Hisamitsu (1817–1887) was the daimyo of the Satsuma Han at the time of the Boshin War and the Meiji Restoration, in which Satsuma played a major role.
    Leader: Shimazu Takahisa


    The Shimazu clan is specialized in the forging of sharp weapons of exception in particular the katanas and the tachis. All samouraï equipped with its weapons will have a stronger attack.
    Description of the units :

    Shimazu Ashigaru Yari :
    They are peasant equipped with a long spear

    Shimazu Samurais to Yari :
    They are able to handle the spear

    Shimazu Samurais to Katana :
    They are the basis of the samurais of an army

    Shimazu Samurais to Naginata :
    They are samurais specialized in the handle the Naginata

    Shimazu Samurais to No-dachi :
    They are good swordmens equipped with the long No-dach sword

    Shimazu Sohei Monks :
    They are best warriors with Naginata

    Shimazu Seika Katana Samurais :
    They are elite samurais with katana

    Shimazu Ninjas :
    They are equipped with a bow and a ninja-to

    Shimazu Yumi nu Sashu :
    They are samurais equipped with a long bow named Yumi and a katana

    Shimazu Seiei Kihei to Tachi :
    They are elite of cavalry swordmens

    Shimazu Kihei to Yari :
    They are the basis cavalry samurais with a spear

    Shimazu Kihei to Tachi :
    They are good cavalry swordmens

    Shimazu Kihei to Yumi :
    They are masters in horsearchers
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    Default Re: Preview IV: Shimazu's Clan

    Excellent :)

    Question though, will these samurai for different clans have different unit stats or relatively the same stats?

    Also, will each clan have unique units?
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    unit's stat depend on the faction....Takeda has better riders than others

    Every faction has unique units...

    But in the previews, they aren't all units, only a part...and the screens are very old
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    Updated !
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