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    ok, so i practicly know every thing about everythin in battle and army wise,but i dont really know how raise my population and make people happy,also some people say they recruit peasants why do they do that thank you
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    Any military unit you recruit can provide a garrison presence in a city (up to a maximum of 80% bonus), the bigger the garrison (by number of troops, not number of units) the more population you can keep happy; however, garrisons cost money, both to recruit and to maintain. The peasant unit is the cheapest to recruit, the cheapest to maintain and has the largest possible size for a unit, therefore per person it is the cheapest unit to garrison a city with.

    You can also build buildings that will improve the happiness of your citizens, temples do this as well as various other buildings, right click on the building to see what bonuses it will give you when built. Bonuses to law and happiness will help keep your citizens happy.

    You can read more on the basics of RTW at either or both of the following tutorials:


    -Trait/Ancillary/Building Editor

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    Hi ilikethisgame5,
    In the first guide which Squid linked to, section five (IV) may help you the most for building up an epic economy.

    In the second guide you may wish to focus upon section 3 (III) to aid you in working out what you desire to know.
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    I would really suggest reading Smackus Maximus Guide

    It is very good and in-depth, and will help you.

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    Thanks Roman Man, hadn't seen this one before.

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