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    Yay, 1.2 out, finally M2TW online time...!...yay, a game I can join, better not say im an utter noob, golly 100,000 monies, I'll go egypt coz no one likes them apparently...oh dear its a seige, uber fortress, oops, lucky I got a (1) cannon...put a hole there...put a hole troops!, make it, quick ahashishim in the cannon (?) on the road by the 2nd breach...2 naptha ready to burn those reinforcing the cannon...quick, gunners line up....


    CTD, in a round about way.

    Ahh well, back to the cold miasma of Relic lala land :(

    Sorry to the other guy on my side, might have been to much for the bawx (although it loaded first, apperently).

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    Some one has been puffin it with the magic dragon.

    -We do the impossible every day, miracles take a bit longer- Air Force Motto


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