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    Has anyone found a way to make a flying unit?
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    found this.

    Leads to a dead end though. Probably a very cruel bluff.

    also found this, entirely dismissing the idea. :c but an old thread, more importantly. maybe there are new developments?
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    Thanks for the links.

    P.S. Check Mixed Mods Kuni.
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    It's a bluff.
    RTW's soldiers only has 2 dimensional coordinates on the landscape. That means whereever they are in vertical height, they will affect whatever is one the ground directly under them, and soldiers would also attack that spot, even if the model is high in the sky. So if you move your "flying" unit around, they'd affect everything on the ground.

    You can "trick" the engine into making your unit having zero radius, thus not bumping into the units on the ground, but this also makes your unit almost unkillable because their hit radius is 0 (only units with area of attack/splash damage can hit them). They also cannot bypass walls or buildings.

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    lol ...

    was just thinking, would be interesting to see a few attack-heli's pop-up from behind some trees when you try to sally out of a siege, or even better when you see some harriers do a vertical take-off from a settlement your laying siege on ...:P
    (though perhaps a bit unrealistic .... )



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