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Thread: Is this mod dead?

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    Default Is this mod dead?

    Well, is it? 3 months is a lot of downtime.

    P.S. If there are any modders from either this or the original RTW version active, please let me know because I need to ask if I can borrow certain files from the RTW version and as yet have been unable to contact anyone.
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    Hello Jubal.

    The mod officially isn't dead, but I'm the only member who's around really.

    As to borrowing files, I'm not sure. I would probably agree, but I don't know whether the team leader, Uesugi Kenshin, would agree.

    I'll try and find out.


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    Default Re: Is this mod dead?

    Thanks. I PMed buth GodsPetMonkey and Uesugi, but neither has been online since late january.
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    Default Re: Is this mod dead?

    I have a second lis of files I'd like to borrow. I've PMed them to Ignoramus, but I'll post this here in case it hasn't been picked up. Unless I hear otherwise I'll assume it's OK, I've already got credits in place.
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    Default Re: Is this mod dead?

    It's sad when a mod dies because there are only about 1 or 2 devoted members


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