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Thread: Chivalry or Dread (and marriage)?

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    Default Chivalry or Dread (and marriage)?

    I've just recently bought this game and am still a bit unclear on how everything works.

    As you (hopefully) guessed from the thread title, I'm asking about whether I should get chivalrous or dreadful generals, and something about marriage.

    All I know is that dread is something about a "mass rout". So far, I've been getting all my generals dread. So, I have to ask, am I doing something very wrong? Dread seems more advantageous to me because of the whole exterminate populace thing to increase public order.

    Also, when one of my male family members gets a marriage proposal, how to I tell what country the wife is from?

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    Default Re: Chivalry or Dread (and marriage)?

    Well, chivalry and dread both have their uses. Chivalry adds to public growth in addition to public order when the general is a governor, so chivalrous governors make huge cities with a big income. However, when he dies, you may have some problems finding a new governor to keep order. Also, the city may grow to fast in the early game, and become unruly, if you have other problems, like distance to capital or religious unrest.

    On the battlefield, dread is offensive as it lowers enemy morale, while chivalry is defensive as it increases your morale. When facing the Mongols for example, you'll want a chivalrous guy to counter the morale loss of their generals. But the way the enemy flees from a dreadful general is quite fun... A Carrocio standard(increases own morale) combined with a dreadful general is a very good combo.

    When you get a marriage proposal, the girl is from your own country.
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    Default Re: Chivalry or Dread (and marriage)?

    Pretty much waht HoreTore said.
    Dread on the battlefield tends to be better than Chivalry especially as your general advances in stars as each star significantly boosts morale anyway plus there are loads of traits raising morale.
    So....governors should be chivalrous and generals dreadful.
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