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Thread: EVE-Online is in The Financial Times !

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    Thumbs up EVE-Online hits The Financial Times !!!


    Business graduates of the WORLD unite !

    Awesome it is. Just loved that because this will help take it even more mainstream. More people with business background, like those who read the FT may join. As it is I was very impressed by all the market tools, and analysis available in that game.

    Excellent pulicity for EVE.
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    Default Re: EVE-Online is in The Financial Times !

    Quote Originally Posted by Article
    Being CEO of Taggart Trans Dimensional – among the largest corporations with more than 1,000 player/employees – took too much of his time.
    Haha, great name!

    Very interesting. If I had a better computer, and more money, I might try it out. Alas.

    Ja Mata, Tosa.

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    Default Re: EVE-Online is in The Financial Times !

    Dipped my finger into the financial side of EVE myself, was a trader, and had, and still have shares in several EVE online corps... every month or so I get like 300-500k ISK Ingame... I wonder how much I have atm... Really wish to get back into eve sometime... gonna have to get on WoW and convince my friend to try it out lol...


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