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    Smile MTW 2 Maps

    Hi I am quite new to modding & editing games, however one of the things I would like to do now is to create some new maps for MTW2. Although I have been looking into creating my own maps for MTW2 I am not 100% sure it will work. Basically I need some advise/encouragement on how to do it.

    If anyone remember good old classic/ "original total war" Lords of the Realm 2 you would remember one of the good things about that game was that it did not have a lack of maps for the game which is unfortunately not the case for the total war series, including MTW2. So I thought I could make a game a bit more interesting by adding a few more maps!
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    Default Re: MTW 2 Maps

    Battle Maps or Strategical Maps?

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    Strategy maps e.g. I would like to create a map of Britain, France, Germany so that one can go on a "Unification" of that particular country campaign. :)
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    Anybody know about battle maps

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    As for the battle map, you need to enable the editor by adding
    to your config.
    As for strategy maps, you could do that but with the factions in the game you can't do that much. Check out my tutorial on implementing custom campaigns (that doesn't show you how to create the maps but how to get them to show up).


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