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    is there anyway you can add your own songs and stuff to battles and whatnot?

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    Hi modernniconoclast,
    Quote Originally Posted by moderniconoclast
    is there anyway you can add your own songs and stuff to battles and whatnot?
    Yep, there most certainly is! However, it only works for 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 - 1.3+, including Gold, requires more advanced modding, you will have to ask about that in the modding forums, sorry.

    With the 1.2 patch, don't worry, with older patches you don't have to do this, there's a small chance you have a nasty little file in "C:\Program\Activision\Rome - Total War\sounds" called "events.dat". This pesky file is not required by the game so you can incinerate it (delete it) at free will to allow the next process to work correctly.

    However, if you do have 1.0, 1.1 or 1.2 then first you need to gain access to your music folder. This folder will be "C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\data\sounds\". Now dump your .mp3 files in a newly created folder named music! Now go to your Data folder and open the file "desc_sounds_music.txt." Then you can simply add the names of your music files in between the "event" lines, deleting the vanilla ones if you wish. Close the file, save it, open R:TW, and enjoy the new music.

    Sorry if you have Gold or a patch above 1.2, hope that I can help you, good luck, cheers!
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    so i cant do it with 1.5? damn

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    Quote Originally Posted by moderniconoclast
    so i cant do it with 1.5? damn
    Luckily, you can, however, the terrible bad news is, you need to do some quite complex modding with the X-Packer to enable it to work perfectly. Unfortunately, it's beyond my very simple modding knowlage, so I am sorry to say that I can't help.
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    Modding Music in BI

    That's the only link I found that relates to modding music in 1.5 (what works for BI would work with 1.5, I guess).

    Otherwise, you can ask on the modding forums, like "Modding Questions". Or you could try to sift through the threads of the Scriptorium, though I don't guarantee success.
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    ok thanks guys, ill try the one for BI and if doesnt work ill ask around or something


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