I have been playing hotseat using epistolary richards method to advance automatically till about turn ~100 so that I face more developed opposition. I choose the weakest faction and play from then.

(It has been interesting, I started as a 1 province Scotland(Antioch)~turn 109 and had to take on Egypt(2nd biggest faction) , Mongols and Timurids. Getting mercenary cannon elephants fighting alongside highlanders was kinda funny though.)

The problem is that in hotseat mode defensive battles are autoresolved. this is probably as it should be for hotseat mode, hotseat is not meant to be one player versus the computer. It should be for 2 or more humans , and as 2 humans can't access the computer at the same time defense must be run by the ai.

So really what I would like is a method to advance 100 turns automatically in the normal game, unfortunately I havn't been able to find one. It wouldn't seem hard if the appropriate shell commands were found(if they exist).

So my question relates to these unknown shell(console) commands?