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Thread: 1.2 - How do I keep my save?

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    Default 1.2 - How do I keep my save?

    Hi guys,

    Planning on upgrading to 1.2 but I'm tackling the Timurids as the Turks (with mod so need re-install).

    Can I just copy my save files then paste them back after re-install?

    Or do I not need to do anything, saved games survive?

    Or is it new game or no patch?

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    Default Re: 1.2 - How do I keep my save?

    If youre patching from 1.1 then you shouldnt need to back up your saves.

    However, if the patch doesnt install correctly (which it probably wont if youve modded the game in any way), then you will need to completely uninstall M2TW, then reinstall M2TW from scratch and re-patch, in which case move your saves somewhere safe before uninstalling, and then move them back into the saves directory when youre done patching. Thats what i did, and it worked just fine.


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