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Thread: problem with BI

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    Angry problem with BI

    I just installed the barbarian invasion expansion, but it seems that it has damaged the original and itself. I modified descr_strat to make every faction available, but it seems that when I select certain "originally unavailable" factions to play as them, it crashes on me. Is there something wrong?

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    Post Re: problem with BI

    Hi roman dacian,
    Unfortunately, a nasty little bug introduced in the 1.3 patch, which is what BI does to your game, disabled the conventional method of enabling a faction to be playable. However, it is resolvable! May I suggest, to resolve it you can download the latest 1.6 patch. The horrible bug was fixed in the latest version so there will be no need to worry about it emerging it's ugly head!

    Alternatively, should you not desire to download the latest patch, you can simply adding a description for each non-playable faction in your "C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\data\text\campaign_descriptions.txt" file. You can do this by simply typing this in the file two lines below the lowest faction in the list:
    {IMPERIAL_CAMPAIGN__[factions code name, see bottom of post for list]_TITLE}[enter faction's on screen name]
    {IMPERIAL_CAMPAIGN_[factions code name, see bottom of this post for a list]_DESCR}[place your description here]

    After you have inserted the text you can repeat with the next faction till you have a complete list of described factions! BTW, Pontus and Macedonia do not require descriptions adding as they are already there.

    Hope this helps, cheers!

    Non-playable faction code names that will need descriptions to be operated:
    romans_senate - S.P.Q.R
    armenia - Armenians
    dacian - Dacians
    numidia - Numidians
    scythia - Scythians
    spain - Spanish
    thrace - Thrace
    slave - Rebels
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    Default Re: problem with BI

    I'm having problems installing the patch. It gives me this:
    This patch will only upgrade version 1.3 to version 1.5.
    Is there something wrong here?

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    Default Re: problem with BI

    I think that the answer to this last problem is in this thread:
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    Post Re: problem with BI

    I'm not too sure about that, I, sadly have Gold so have never gone through the long R:TW patching process. May I suggest that you just ignore it, the patcher is supposed to patch R:TW and BI up to 1.5 and 1.6. You will be able to tell if it worked on BI/R:TW if you check the version number post-patching. The number is usually in the top right hand corner of the Option's menu and should be 1.5 for R:TW and 1.6 for BI. Hope this helps you, cheers!
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