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Thread: polybian worth it?-poss spoilers!

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    Default polybian worth it?-poss spoilers!

    Hi , Have just reached polybian ref and noticed that I have to build all my
    barracks again! I was wondering wether it's worth changing all my units to
    the new ones as there seems to be very little difference in stats. Maybe i'll
    just keep the high exp units.. dunno.
    What did everyone else do?


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    Smile Re: polybian worth it?-poss spoilers!

    Very definatley worth it, A lot of the stats that are increased are hidden ones like lethality, mass, morale ect, have a look in the edu and you'll see what I'm talking about.

    P.S. you only have to upgrade your barracks by one elvel to acces the polybians, and you can also upgrade your highest barracks without having to delete and start again. Also you don't have to do this in all your cities, those that you leave alone will still be able to recruit and retrain your cammilian units.
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    Default Re: polybian worth it?-poss spoilers!

    Check this excellent work for some (all?) of the hidden stats for all units...

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    Default Re: polybian worth it?-poss spoilers!

    Thanks for the input guys. will reform strategically.


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