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Thread: HELP!! Technical Problems

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    HELP!! I'm new to this forum so please forgive me if I am not posting in the right section.

    Do you guys have a trouble shooting/technical problems section in this forum?

    My problem is I have just recently bought a copy of Medieval Total War (Gold Edition) which includes the Viking Invasion pack but it will not run for me.

    I have a Pentium 3 with 933mhz processor, WinXP Home (SP 2), and GeForce 2 graphics card and I am well over the specs to run the game. But when I double click the start icon the screen goes black for a few moments and then a warning dialog appears telling me the I am running a debugger and the game won't go any further.

    How do I know if a debugger is actually running and how do I deactivate it?

    I am dying to try out my game and I'm getting very frustrated as I have tried everything. I hope someone on this forum can help and again my apologies if I am posting in the wrong section of the forum.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    You may find what you need here :

    Otherwise, Try the apocracy part of this forum...

    Welcome to The Org :).
    Abandon all hope.


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