Greetings from the gameroom:

The Game

Themed mafia game, with a combat system and many roles, major and minor, as well as an event for the town to resolve each day.


November 1256 AD,

The invasions of the Mongols have driven thousands of refugees from all places to form into groups, seeking safety and protection. One such group, the Orgahs, people from all different backgrounds and nations of the earth, were starving and thirsty in the sun-scorched desert of Iran. They were pursued by Mongols, led by the terrifying Hulegu Khan. Who were they, in this position, to refuse the shelter of a seemingly abandoned fortress, with a unique water supply and walls to rival Constantinople or Antioch? Lured by safety and water they entered the Citadel of Alamut.

But it was not deserted. Within cellars and secret rooms there were men, trying desperately to conceal themselves, some claiming to be servants, others shown by their actions to be assassins. The Mongols, despite the impregnability of the castle, layed siege and stipulated their conditions:

'The Orgahs will be allowed to leave, if all the Assassins are handed over to the Mongols.'

It seemed like relief, but the post script revealed otherwise.

'However, I cannot depend on your judgement, or honesty yet. You must be tested, your skills of perception and war measured. I have sent a number of my spies amongst you once I knew you would reach this place before me. Every night, they will kill some of your number, and every day, you may execute one of your number. Only one. I hate cheating. Once they are all killed, you will be allowed to leave, and the survivors will be given rewards above their station. I will trust your judgement on which of the people here are assassins, and which are servants once this has been done.

Also, your martial skills will be tested to the limit. Every now and then, I will send a champion to face one selected by your number. If three of your champions are defeated, I will launch an attack. I do not see why I should wait here in the sun if I can simply storm the place. Be warned, as time goes on, my patience will run out.'

He did not believe they could pull off the coordinated skills and judgement calls needed to lynch all of his spies before they killed all of the townies, nor to select and find among their number Champions who could face the Mongols. But the Orgahs were no ordinary people, and among their number were more men of importance than Hulegu Khan had ever guessed possible.